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Murray Learning

Murray Learning Associates provides technology, computer management, & HR consulting services for small businesses, with a focus on non-profits and community technology centers (CTCs). We work closely with a number of agencies within our own communities of Malden and Medford, MA, both as a service provider and as community members serving on task forces, boards, and other civic projects.

We redesigned our website with a new look and more help for small businesses and non-profits. Most importantly, we added spyware/malware information. We find that this problems is affecting almost every computer owner we talk to. Are you fighting with your computer for control over your web browser? Or do you have to wait and wait for it to accomplish even simple tasks? Do programs crash regularly? You may be affected and infected!

Our virus info page gives you some options for antivirus programs and shows actual, real-time virus threats across the world. Our spyware/malware page will explain more about this problem and recommend some resources for getting it under control.

PC Protection© is a service we provide that helps protect your systems, train your staff, and monitor your PC status and health to keep your valuable business information safe from predators, viruses, and other electronic attacks. If you aren’t sure how secure your PCs are, give us a call!

Websites/Domains: If you need to set up a website, we help you do that. We also create and maintain custom websites. 

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Email us or call and leave a message on our automated phone/fax service,
toll free at 866-833-2823