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Virus Info

Here's a look at virus trends in real time. These are the threats affecting computers today, courtesy of Trend Micro. It may take a few minutes for the live feed to load.


 Note, you will need to unblock ActiveX Controls if you do not see the virus map. Look for a yellow warning bar in your browser toolbars, like the example below. Right Click on the warning toolbar for options to display the ActiveX content. If you do not wish to view the map, do not do anything in your browser toolbar.


Got AntiVirus software?

Have you updated the virus definitions this week? Hundreds of new viruses, trojans, and worms are released each month. If you don't update the definitions frequently, then any new attack could affect you. Update today and stay updated! Remember, antivirus software is almost useless unless it’s up-to-date.

Don't Have AntiVirus Software?

Get it today! Try any of these major antivirus vendors (presented alphabetically below). You can download (pay by credit card) or go to your favorite retailer to purchase.  

Before installing antivirus software, go to one of the major vendors and check your system for viruses first. If you are infected, follow their instructions for removal of the virus(es).

1) Grisoft: AVG

AVG no longer offers free antivirus, but it’s still a good product. We've used it quite successfully on dozens of computers refurbished for home use. 

2) Panda Software: Titanium AntiVirus

...from the Panda website: “Titanium Antivirus 2005 automatically detects and eliminates all types of viruses, worms and Trojans while you send and receive e-mails, download files or work on the Internet.”

3) McAfee AntiVirus: VirusScan

...from the Trend Micro website: “McAfee provides you with a powerful set of virus removal tools, designed to automatically detect and remove viruses that infected your system. These applications are also valuable because of their size, making them easily downloadable even with a slow Internet connection. If you suspect your system to be infected with one of the following viruses, these invaluable FREE tools will allow you to repair any damages to your computer.”
  McAfee also provides a free “site advisor” to help you surf the Internet safely (works with Internet Explorer 6 & 7 and includes Firefox extensions). Download and install the site advisor from here: “SiteAdvisor

4) Symantec: Norton AntiVirus

Like some other vendors, Symantec provides a number of free tools you can use if you suspect that your computer is already infected with a virus. Online free support is also available for some problems. 

5) Trend-Micro: PC-cillin

Also offering free virus scan if you believe your computer is already infected, Trend-Micro provides the free virus-map for websites that we use at the top of this page.

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